The Whole Sheffield Gang Was In Texas For Thanksgiving Week

The weather got very chilly for our California and Oklahoma visitors.
We took the opportunity to spend as much time together as we
could. Everyone got to spend one-on-one time with Sawyer, so he
is well acquainted with his relatives.

We were lucky - not only did we have Brent's mom and dad, but
sister, brother in law and their two kids as well as both his
grandmothers - this year we got lucky and even his brother, sister
in law and their son were in town.

But Kate's side of the crew got into the action with the addition of
her mom's cousin's daughter, Michelle and her family the Boyalls!
Yeah For Pancakes!
Mikala loved her pancakes for breakfast while she visited
us - it was such a treat to have her with us!
Daily Life
November 2009
Thanksgiving With The Sheffield's
Kid Chaos
Anthony, CJ, Sawyer, Mikala and Naomi had lots of fun
pulling out towns and playing all over the house.
Kate And Michelle Boyall Get Things Ready For
Thanksgiving Dinner
Northpark Mall Train Display
Playing At The Park
Sawyer And Dad Playing Cars - Featuring video!
Laughing As Grandmother Reacts - Featuring video!
Brent With His Grandmothers
Sawyer And His Grandmother Sheffield
Tackle The Stairs
Everyone Loves Riding In The Wagon
Sawyer Loves To Wash His Hands - He
Adores Turning The Water On and Off
"I'm Ready To Drive Dad - I Just Need A Bit
Of A Boost"
A Pooped Grandchild Hangs Out With His Grandparents
Anthony Feeds His Cousin - Sawyer Is Definitely Loving
The Family!
Anthony Has Fun Riding The Reversible
Tricycle/Big Wheel
CJ And Anthony Pose For A Picture
Pippin Finds A Quiet Place To Relax