The Whole Sheffield Gang Was In Texas For Thanksgiving Week

The weather got very chilly for our California and Oklahoma visitors.
We took the opportunity to spend as much time together as we
could. Everyone got to spend one-on-one time with Sawyer,so he is
well acquainted with his relatives.
Snuggling In Jason's Deli
Sandra and Mark patiently wait for everyone to finish
Daily Life
November 2008
Thanskgiving With The Sheffield's
Uncle Brent Breaks Out The Cool Toys
Anthony, CJ and Brent had fun playing tunnels.
Anthony Helps Feed Sawyer
Visiting ICE
Thanksgiving Day
Sandra (Brent's Sister) and Her Daughter, CJ, Work A
CJ Holding Her New Cousin
Sawyer And His Grandmother Take A Nap
Anthony Gets His Turn Holding His Cousin
Sawyer And His Great Grandmother
Joachims Visit
Brent Put Anthony In The Stack Highcahirs
Anthony Is Ready For The Cold Texas
Sawyer And Granddad Hang Out
Anthony In His Jammies Getting A Water
All The Sheffield Grandchildren
Sawyer Listens Carefully To His Great Uncle
Sawyer And His Great Aunt Gerri