Root, Root, Rooting For The Texas Rangers
(They Won, So It Was Not A Shame)

Brent got two free tickets to this game for voting online 25 times for
Texas Rangers players to be selected for the 2009 All Star Game.
We had a good time even though it was hot. The Rangers played
the Minnesota Twins which is a pretty good team. Rangers won 11
to 1. Kate got to see more home runs in one game than she has
ever seen before. Sawyer enjoyed sharing a frozen lemonade with
Mom and Dad and watching the fireworks every time someone
from the Rangers hit a home run!
Daily Life
August 20, 2009
Sawyer's First MLB Game
Sawyer Keeps An Eye On The Rowdy Group Next To Us
Sawyer had his baseball onesie which has the Texas
Rangers colors.
I'm With My Dad At The Baseball Game. Life
Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!
Sawyer Prays For A Home Run
Sawyer Wants To Play With Mom's Sunglasses
Sawyer And Brent Watch The Fireworks Go
Off In Center Field After Another Home Run
Pretty Night, But Hot
Family Picture At The Ballpark
Sawyer And Brent Cheer As They Watch
The Ball Fly Over The Home Run Wall
Sawyer Eats Frozen Lemonade - Featuring video!