Fun at The Farm

Kate finally got to introduce a bunch of her college friends to
Brent and vice versa. It was neat to put faces with the names for
Brent and for Kate it was so much fun to share her wonderful
new life with those who were part of her past. It was a neat time.
The Girls
Kate, Stephanie, Erin, Laura, Susan and Michelle.
A Beautiful Day
Kate enjoys reconnecting with her pal Toni
Ready for a dinner
Susan, Kate, Michelle ("Okie") and Laura. Feels like old
times - we're off to be out on the town!
End of a long and fun day
After all the festivities it was a ball to sit down to a nice
dinner and enjoy old and new friends alike!
Kate And Brent At The Game
We watched Fort Worth's TCU beat Stanford in the
closing minutes of a high scoring game.
October 2007
Stanford University 15 Year Reunion
The Class Picture
Stephanie and Kate arrive just in time to be part of the
Class of '92's picture.
Stanford Campus
Visiting Crissy Field
"The Guys"
Kate finally gets to introduce "her guy" to her "guys" from
college - Tony and Jamo (Jason Moore) finally meet
We enjoyed the homecoming game with amazing
weather in the new stadium.