They call it a "Ride of a lifetime..."

...and after having done it, we can see why. This sure isn't your
mama's Cadillac!

During a car show at The Texas Motor Speedway we took the
opportunity to take a ride in a Nextel Stock Car - essentially a
Nascar - driven by a professional race car driver.

YOWZA was it fun - but scary!

After going 160 miles an hour less than a foot between you and
another car - or you and the wall - we have a new appreciation for
the sport and what race car drivers go through.

It was a ball because we shared the experience with some of the
people Brent works with at Advancial and even a few board
Be Sure To Look Closely...
On the top of Brent's head is a butterfly who decided to
"ride" Brent all the way around the grounds - it was really
quite neat to see.
Daily Life
September 2006
160 MPH In A Nextel Stock Car!