California Trip For Pie's Birthday And Deborah's Wedding

We traveled to Southern California for Kate's mom's
birthday and for a good friend's wedding, so it was a busy
and quick trip. Sawyer got a chance to see his cousins on
both sides of the family and also got to meet the daughter of
Kate's cousin.

We also managed to squeeze in an hour or so at a park
near Kate's parents' place and had the opportunity to spend
a lovely evening with good friends at the birthday party.

We're only sorry we won't be back before Christmas!
October 2009
Southern California
Sawyer Helps Papa Choose The Wine For
The Evening's Festivities
Playing With The Cousins
"Now That I Am Up Here, I'll Slide Down."
It's Cool To Hang Out With Dad
Pie's Birthday
Parties at the Petries always include great friends like
Bente and Lavada - it was great to see them.
Sawyer Climbs Up The Slide With Help From
Sawyer Loves Pia
Pia was very sweet as she let Sawyer play
with her ear.
My New Pal
Sawyer enjoyed getting to know his furry
cousin Pia.
Mr. and Mrs. Deborah and Michael (Mick)
The Happy Couple
Kate And Her Dad
Kate's friend Deborah was married on the top
of a hotel in West Hollywood - Kate's parents
were invited.
Playing In The McDonald's Car At DFW Airport While
Waiting For A Delayed Flight
Sawyer Enjoyed Playing On Pie's Tricycle
The View From The London Hotel Just Before Deb and
Mick Stanford Were Wed
Sawyer's Cousin Aidan Takes Great Care Of Our Little
Man - We're Sorry He Doesn't Live Closer
Oh...The Forbidden Zone