Open Wide!

We had read that we were supposed to take him for his first
check up at age one - but neither of us could imagine taking
Sawyer to the dentist that early.

Then Kate was referred to a new dentist that is close to her
work.  The office is well known because it has a train out front
and is built to look like a train depot.

Inside the whole place is covered with train memorabilia, there
are several toy trains that run through the various offices and
they have a fantastic train table for kids to play with.

It ALSO just so happened that the dentist was fantastic.  So we
made an appointment and kept our fingers crossed.  The
dentist had warned that nothing may come of it all - that often
children this age need to come in just to get acclimated to the
process, but not to expect anything.

We were amazed when our very high-spirited little guy sat in the
dentist's chair - allowed the dental hygienist to clean his teeth
and Dr. Nunnally to do a full and thorough examination!  
Apparently he has his back molars coming in right "on

He got high marks for very clean teeth - we're happy we've
splurged on little electric toothbrushes - because Sawyer loves
them and then brushes much longer. The doctor even gave
him a soccer-tooth-brush!
January 8, 2011
First Dentist Visit
Dr. Nunnally Checks Sawyer's Teeth
Sawyer's Dental Hygienist Allows Him To
"Warm Up" To The Whole Idea And Process
Workin' On The Rail Road
Sawyer's new dentist is at the "Dental Depot.".
Watching The Train In The Waiting Area
Sawyer Gets His Teeth Cleaned
We were amazed how well he did. He opened
his mouth wide and was very cooperative.
Playing With Dr. Nunnally's Train Table
The Dental Hygienist Said This Was Literally
THE BEST Two-Year-Old She's Ever Worked
This Isn't So Bad If I Get A New Toothbrush
(Sitting On His Pants)
See Ya Daddy!
All Checked In For His Appointment
The Train Theme Carried Through To A Big Train Table
He Could Play With While Waiting For The Dentist
Sawyer Surveys The Cool Train Outside Of His Dentist's
Office Before Climbing Aboard!
Visiting The Dentist Is Fun If You Give Me
Things To Do
The Dental Depot
Getting His Teeth Cleaned - Featuring video!