What Can You Do?  Sawyer's Turning Two!

Sawyer's second birthday party was pretty much a repeat of
his first, in that we scheduled it during the Cowboys' game in
the afternoon (so the guys would have something to do) and
served, beer, wine, sodas, sandwiches, chips and chili con
queso.  The birthday cake this year was however a baseball,
tennis ball and basket ball rather than a soccer ball because
those three were on the invitation.

The most notable exception was the addition of a bounce
house which proved to be more fun than even we could have
imagined!  It included a slide and we were glad for the
upgrade as Sawyer and his buddies, along with the older
kids who joined for the fun, simply exhausted themselves
not just going up and down the slide but giggling and
laughing all the while they were doing it.

We are grateful to the big kids (Ellen Duff especially) as they
helped make it possible with the slide.

Once again his two best buddies, Peyton Orr and Finn
O'Brien came and we couldn't have been more thrilled.  
Getting a picture of the three of them still proves to be a bit
challenging but we are grateful to Peyton's dad Jason for
getting the one you see below.

Besides the bounce house the boys had a ball running up
and down our hallway. What a great day!
October 10, 2010
Sawyer's 2nd Birthday
Mom (With Dad's Help Engineering) Made A
Cake That Matched The Invitations
The baseball is french vanilla, the tennis ball
is cherry chip and the basketball is chocolate.
Sawyer Started On A Chair Until He Saw His
Pals Over On The Porch
Sawyer Enjoys His "Yellow" Cake On The
Mom asked Sawyer what kind of cake he
wanted and he clearly wanted "yellow" cake
even though his friends were having chocolate.
"Jazz Hands Everybody! Jazz Hands..."
Water In A Big Boy Cup
Peyton And Finn's Mom Supervise The End
As Sawyer Screeches To A Hault
Peyton Had A Blast With The Baseball Game Brent Got
For Sawyer And Sawyer Was Even Pretty Good At
Sharing It!
Peyton And Finn Have Some Chocolate Cake
Sawyer's buddies enjoy the birthday cake.
Finn Took A Bit Of Time To Get Used To This
Whole Thing But Then He Was Off!
Sawyer And Peyton Loved Tumbling Down
The Slide Not Just Gliding
The Sports-Themed Bounce House Was Set Up Nicely In
Our Carport It Only Took Them 5 Minutes To Do It!
Hang On To The Side And Let Mr. Orr Push Us Over
Together - Weeeee!
Eating "Yellow" Cake
Ready Or Not Here We Come!
He Dad, Do I HAVE To Nap Before The Party?
Peyton, Finn & Sawyer - The Three Musketeers
Sawyer And Finn
Excuse Me, May We Go Out And Play?
Having Fun Sliding
"Come On Daddy. Let's Go Uppa The Stairs."
Peyton Slides Sideways
Huge Number 2 Balloon In The Front Yard For Sawyer's
Great Form Finn!