San Antonio And Sea World

Brent and Kate had not been to Sea World in a number of years
and the only time was in California, so this was a fun visit. We
were doing a site visit for Brent's work, so we got a backstage
tour to learn more about and see some of the animals.

It was even more fun because we had our friends John, Gloria
and little Trevor Sutton to play with.
Skates In Bed - Featuring video!
Family Picture In From Of Sea World, San Antonio
Sawyer Enjoys The Fish In The Tank
This is the fourth or fifth aquarium he has
been to and he always enjoys them.
Sawyer Looks Into The Jaws Of A Shark In
This Special Backstage Tour Of Sea World
Sawyer And Trevor Touch The Sting Rays
Sawyer And This Dolphin Take A Walk Together
Sawyer is sure to stay behind the yellow line as
requested by our tour guide.
A Dolphin Pops Up To See Sawyer And Trevor
The boys were told to stay behind the yellow line in order
to explore this backstage area.
September 2011
San Antonio For The Weekend
Putting On a Show
We think these dolphins thought Sawyer
might feed them.
Meeting The Sting Rays
The Sea World guide talks about the wildlife
Watching Dolphins In The Dolphin Exhibit
We explored the park as a tourist before
getting special backstage treatment.
Cruisin The Park
It was pretty warm outside and not a lot of
cover, but it was a lot of walking for our little
Sawyer Loved Having His Own "Big" Bed
As you can see, Sawyer had to have his new hockey
equipment with him not just in San Antonio but in bed!
Checking Out The Flamigos