The Alamo and Riverwalk

Brent had work down in San Antonio so Kate decided to
arrange some meetings so she could join him. We had a great
time with co-workers from Advancial, even getting to a Spurs'

Before the meetings however, we also drove down to visit the
Texas Coast and Corpus Christi for an afternoon.
Corpus Christi
The Bridge Picture
We've wanted a bridge-shot for ages, and finally we had
one of Brent's co-workers take one for us.
The Water Is Actually Clean
Believe it or not, they drain the river annually to
ensure it remains clean.
Close Up
It's always amazing just how small this
building is, considering its rough history.
Lights Not Lightening
The strands of lights in the trees provide an interesting
framework to the brightly lit structure.
Such a Lonely Structure
We both have been to see the Alamo on several
occasions, but never quite get over how beautifully it's lit
up at night.
The Riverwalk At Night
It's easy to see why San Antonio is one of the hottest
destinations for conventions in the United States - its
nightlife along the Riverwalk is not only fun, it's beautiful.
February 2007
San Antonio For Work And Play