Exploring The State Capitol, Portland And Surrounding Area

We had fun exploring different parts of the state this trip. We
traveled down to Salem and Silver Falls State Park. The next
day we drove along the Columbia River and stopped to view
the Multnomah Falls.
Silver Falls State Park
Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge
The State Capitol At Salem, Oregon
The Capitol Mall at sunset.
Pioneer Square
Kate poses in front of this elaborate
directional sign in Pioneer Square - Portland.
Contrast Of Old And New
A modern glass building next to a traditional
Oregon's Unique Capitol Building
Brent Figures The Distance To Our Next Stop
Did we take a wrong turn at Albuquerque?
This directional sign has distances to all the
sites within the state.
Sweet Tomatoes
One of our favorite places to eat and the
Portland area has three of them. Yea!
Christmas Tree Farm Outside Salem
The Oregon countryside is beautiful.
Oregon Country Truck
This old truck was sitting in the picturesque
setting in this barn.
January 2007
Portland and Salem, Oregon