My Summer Vacation - Pippin Sheffield

My latest excursion took me to destinations previously known,
but no less exciting.
Here I am Waiting For The Bellhop At Murphy Manor
Getting Dressed For Dinner - Tails Were
The Meals Were Divine. My Italian Waiter Was
Somewhat Nosey, Nevertheless, Dolce Vita!
Hey...Who Kicked Sand On My Towel?
September 2007
Pippin's Summer Vacation
The Accommodations Were Quite Satisfactory
As with all good vacations, my days were spent working
hard enjoying myself
There Were Plenty Of Activities To Enjoy...Lounging
Getting Some Exercise And Cruising For Chicks
Found Lots Of Things For Which To Bark
Taking A Nap After A Long Walk
Casino Royale
Tea And Biscuits With My Friend
Here I Am All Packed Up And Ready To Go Home
Not Bad For No Thumbs, Eh?