Stage One Of Moving

Brent's Grandmother Joachims has moved into an assisted
living facility in Oklahoma City, so she is going to sell her home
in Alva, OK.

The whole crew converged on the house to help sort through
stuff and begin the boxing and trashing process. Brent's mom
flew out from California. His aunt and uncle came up from
Edmond, OK. Brent's cousin Brad and his two kids (Timothy
and Jennifer) came down from Kansas and then we drove up
with Sawyer. It was a house full and with stuff scattered all over,
it was tough to find a place to sit at times. It was extremely hot
and humid outside, so we spent most of our time sorting
through stuff indoors.

We stayed at Alva's America's Best Value Inn which is probably
the best hotel in town. We did not get in until around 1:30 AM
and when we finally got to the room, we opened the door to find
our room was the same temperature as it was outside - about
90 degrees and humid. Great environment for sleeping.
Sawyer Helps Sort Through Things
This outrageous shag carpet should be back in style in any
decade now.
Getting Clean Before Moving
Alva's best hotel hosted us for a warm evening.
Great Grandmother Takes Sawyer For A Ride
Sawyer tries to bite the soft pad on the walker.
Sawyer Plays In The Car While His
Grandmother Looks On
Hanging Out In The Kitchen
Grandmother Joachims, Brent's Mom and Kate assess the
next moving steps.
Sawyer Wears A Cap For About A Second
The slight slop of the sidewalk made for a fun ride on the
Sawyer Models A Fur Hat
Work it Sawyer.
Sawyer Getting Bored
Jennifer Plays The Piano As Sawyer Looks
Clapping And Having Fun
Sawyer had a lot of fun playing with some of his new toys
he inherited from Great Grandmother Joachims.
June 26-27, 2010
Oklahoma Helping Grandmother Move
Timothy Pushes Sawyer On The Cart
Piano Fun
Sawyer and Jennifer wait their turn to play the
Sawyer At Great Grandmother Sheffield's
Great Grandmother Enjoys Time With Her
Little Guy
Dad Pushes Sawyer On This Little Cart
Brent Has Fun With A Trash Bag
Obviously he has not read the warns about playing with