We Got To See All The Oklahoma Relatives In One Weekend Visit

With an extremely full schedule in front of us, we decided to use
one of our last free weekends to visit Sawyer's great grandmothers
in Oklahoma.

While we were there, we had an opportunity to see Brent's Dad's
only brother and his wife - Uncle John & Aunt Christy. We also got
to see both of Brent's Mom's brothers and their families - Uncle
Brian & Aunt Michelle with their two kids Christine and David and
Uncle Gary & Aunt Gerri.

It was hard to believe, but the weather was actually hotter in
Oklahoma than the 106 degree weather in Texas. The temperature
got up to 116 while we were there. Ouch!
Daily Life
July 23-24, 2011
Oklahoma July 2011
Sawyer Gets Familiar With Great Grandmother
Joachims' Place
The Race Track - Featuring video!
Sawyer Gives Great Grandmother Joachims A Hug And
Kiss Goodbye
Sawyer Claps For Gary As He Wears The
"Fire Helmet"
Sawyer Shows Off His Race car
Sawyer And His Great Grandmother
Sawyer Lines His Cars Up Like A Train
Aunt Gerri Talks With Brent's Mom In California Via
Sawyer Wears His "Fire Helmet With Visor"
Sawyer Plays With His Track At Great
Grandmother Sheffield's
Sawyer Gives Great Grandmother Sheffield
A Hug Goodbye
Sawyer Does Facetime With His
Grandmother Sheffield In California
Sawyer Gives Great Uncle Gary A Hug Goodbye
Sawyer And Gerri Use The Grabbing Device To Collect
Stuff Animals
Dad and Sawyer Hold Hands On a Trip To
Target - For Legos!
Sawyer And Uncle Gary Play Dinosaurs
Sawyer And Gerri Look At Grandmother
Joachims' Picture Board
Sawyer Watches Dino Dan On Dad's Phone
At Great Grandmother Sheffield's In Enid, OK
Sawyer And Gary Cheer For Grandmother
For Wearing The "Fire Helmet"
Sawyer, Brent And Sawyer's Great
Grandmother Sheffield