Busy At Great Grandmother's

Sawyer had a lot of fun at Grandmother Joachim's. He found a
number of things to play with including a calculator with large
buttons and a large roll of receipt paper. Sawyer calculated all
sorts of things, made important notes and lists and took
everyone's food order several times.

Some construction was taking place downstairs which created
a lot of dust on the patio, so Sawyer spent time sweeping the
patio and watching the construction workers haul stuff back
and forth.

The long hallways and elevator in grandmother's building also
offered some neat features for discovering without making too
much noise. Sawyer remembered he is not allowed to touch
the red buttons in the elevator (which set off alarms or turn off
the elevator.)

On Sunday we did a Facetime session on our iPhones with
Grandmother Sheffield in California while we were visiting with
Great Grandmother Joachims. We all enjoyed the call and it
worked very well for our first try.
Visiting With Great Grandmother Joachims
Sawyer shares one of his many stories about trucks or his
Sawyer And His Twin In The Mirror
Sawyer had fun playing in the mirror and watching himself
eat Teddy Grahams.
Taking A Picture With Great Grandmother
Great Grandmother Watches As Sawyer
Works Up Some Numbers On The Calculator
Grandmother Sheffield (In California) And
Sawyer Interact Using Facetime On The
Sawyer Makes More Notes On His List
This receipt paper from the calculator was
great fun.
Sawyer Wraps Up Doing Taxes
Busy Doing Some Important Work
April 2-3, 2011
Oklahoma Visiting Grandmothers
Sawyer Took Off His Shirt To Reveal His
Sawyer Sweeps Great Grandmother's
Sweeping Some Dirt That Is Up High
Sawyer Shows Grandmother His New
Thomas Roundhouse
Playing With His Thomas Trains
Grandmother Sheffield In Enid - Featuring video!
Doing Important Work - Featuring video!