The Blessings Of Multi-Generations

Brent's Grandmother Joachims was moving into an assisted
living facility in Oklahoma City and his mom was out to help so
we decided to drive up that way so that Sawyer could not only
see his Great Grandmother Joachims, but his Grandmother
Sheffield as well.  While we were there we took a jaunt up to
Enid so that we caught some time with Great Grandmother
Sheffield - it was quite the trip.

Sawyer also had fun with his aunt and uncle Stephanie and
Craig respectively and especially with cousin Andrew who had
just gotten a new iPad - which Sawyer thought was a total hoot!
 Andrew had an app that was a pond Sawyer could "splash" in
and a drum set he could "play."

As always, it was a great adventure where we saw "wild"
animals at a restaurant, and played "porter" at our hotel - not to
mention the fact that he got to sleep with Mom and Dad - first in
a kind sized bed, then in a full sized bed - not a lot of sleep but
some great cuddling!
Great Grandmother Sheffield, Sawyer and Brent
We are just missing one generation in here - because we
have three of four.  Unfortunately Brent's dad didn't come
out for this trip.
Playing The Drums On The iPad
Craig lets Sawyer try a new instrument - the drums!  No,
we were lucky and did not take this home with us.
Splashing In The Pond
Sawyer plays with is cousin's iPad and the
app that is a pond in which he can splash.
Sawyer Sneaks Up On The Elephant
We had lunch with the whole group at the
Elephant Bar Restaurant.
No Crib, So Sawyer Snuggles With Mom At The Hotel
All the cribs were being used when we finally made it to the
hotel late at night, so Sawyer slept with us. Thankfully we
had the crib the next night.
The Famous Shoe-Cleaning Pointer
Sawyer is just one of many Sheffield children
and grandchildren who have loved this statue.
Tickle Torture!!!!
Grandmother Sheffield administers the requisite tickle
"torture" for all bored little children who want to be
somewhere else!
Sitting Pretty In Great Grandmother's Chair
Sawyer loved "rocking" in this big chair. He
loved climbing up and down from it - quite the
Great Grandmother Go This Way
Sawyer has placed to go and people to see -
he likes company on his trips, however.
Cool Ride Baby
Bored out of his mind at a furniture store, his
Grandmother Sheffield amuses him in this
"bike" - as Sawyer called it..
Daddy's Little Helper
Sawyer loves to do whatever Daddy is doing, and he was
so tickled to help with the luggage.  He got frustrated,
however, when we tried to help him
May 21-23, 2010
Oklahoma Visiting Grandmothers
Playing With Great Grandmother's Dogs
Great Grandmother Sheffield has had this toy
dogs since Brent was a child.
We're Going This Way Grandmother
Sawyer leads his great grandmother out to
Hanging Out At The BBQ Joint
The scary pig dressed as a chef didn't seem
to bother Sawyer While he sat in this saddle.
Dad And Sawyer Bring In The Luggage
Yes, He Is Just That Strong
This bag is pretty heavy - close to 45 pounds.  
Sawyer pulled it like a champ.
No, No Daddy, I've Got It
Sawyer wants to do it all by himself - and we
learned that he actually can!  He just often
wants to go in the opposite direction.  Details,
Dad And Sawyer At It Again
Sawyer balances on Dad's foot while Dad lifts his leg to
raise Sawyer up and down.
Mom Rests While Sawyer Reads
Mom's pooped after a hot and humid day and
Sawyer needs a distraction because he
hasn't had enough time at the park.
Carrying Luggage - Featuring video!
Grandmother Tickles Sawyer - Featuring video!