Cheeseheads For A Weekend

Kate had a business trip in Madison so Brent joined her for the
weekend for a bit of fun.  We drove west all the way to
Dubuque, Iowa and up north to Devil's Lake State Park. We did
not have time to drive up to Green Bay to pay homage, so we'll
have to do that another trip. We did enjoyed beautiful weather
although it was a bit hot.
The House On The Rock - aka Freaky Place
Capitol Of Wisconsin
Devil's Lake State Park
Wisconsin Capitol In Madison
Replica Of The British Crown Jewels At The House On The Rock
We had just seen the original Crown Jewels at the Tower of London in
January and they look pretty much the same.
May 2008
Madison, Wisconsin And Surrounding Areas
Dubuque, Iowa City Hall
We drove across the border to Iowa to visit
another state together and get some dirt.
This life-sized model of a blue whale eating a row boat while being
attacked by a giant squid was quite a site.