Lake Tahoe For A Wedding and Some Skiing

Brent's co-worker was getting married in Lake Tahoe, so we
spent a few days for the wedding and reception, some skiing
and relaxing.
Carson City
Skiing (And Boarding) Heavenly
Jenny And Josh Wedding
Brent and Kate at La Grande Vitesse
La Grande Vitesse means the great swiftness, or the grand
rapids. Internationally known sculptor, Alexander Calder,
designed this piece specifically for this site.
Room With A View
Our corner room had a great view of the gondola (its on
the third floor in this picture), so we were super close to
A Labor Day Walk-A-Thon
You can see the beginning of a walk-a-thon
that took place on Labor Day.
The Lookout
Half way up the gondola, there is a lookout stop.
December 2007
Lake Tahoe