Goin' Cajun

Sawyer and Mom had their first plane ride without Dad when
we went to join him in Lafayette for the Advancial summer
picnic down in Cajun-country.  We had a great time with
everyone from the branch - we went to "Kart Ranch" a place
with go-carts, a miniature golf course, water balloon launching
area, lots of video games and even a Gymboree-like area.  
August 22-23, 2009
Lafayette, Louisiana
Sawyer And Dad Enjoy Laughing At Their
Funny Reflections In the Fun-House Mirror
Tiger Woods Move Over?
Uh...we don't think so, but he did have fun
with this golf club - it served as a great
balancing element.
Sawyer Is More Interested In The Water Balloon War
Going On To His Left Than Taking a Family Photo
Sawyer Walks All Over As Dad Keeps A
Careful Watch
Dad And Sawyer Play Horsey
Sawyer And Dad Stand In The Middle Of The Game Area
This area was thankfully air conditioned - it was a hot one!
The Governor's Mansion At The Miniature Golf Course -
Sawyer Is Waiting At The Front Door To Be Let In
Matching Boys
Sawyer and Dad wore their matching
Advancial shirts for the party.
Dad Was Of Course The Winner In the Go Cart Race - Go
Getting Energy Out Before The Plane Ride
Brent and Sawyer enjoy themselves in the waiting area for
our flight.  We've discovered that flying mid to late morning,
after spending a good deal of time tuckering the little guy
out in the waiting area tends to make for a great flight - ie.
he sleeps the whole way through!
Drawers And Cupboards Are The Best!
We may have gone to an amusement park
later but we think Sawyer enjoyed the
drawers and cupboards at our hotel best.
On The Move!
Sawyer can definitely walk now, but he still
prefers to have one or two fingers to steady
him - especially when he decides he wants
to go somewhere quickly - and that's pretty
much all the time!
Sawyer Is Definitely Feeling At Home On
This Porch That's Just His Size
These Light Fixtures Are Traditional, But
Really Quite Lovely
Sawyer Does Jail House Rock - Featuring video!