Trick-Or-Treating In Our Old Neighborhood

Since we don't have sidewalks in our current neighborhood,
we decided to visit our old neighbors and go
trick-or-treating. It was wonderful to see old friends - one of
whom was over 10 feet tall as Frankenstein!  Sawyer wasn't
terribly keen on the experience - the poor guy was far more
interested in getting his elephant hat off, going home,
getting his bottle and going to bed!.
October 31, 2009
Our Former Neighbor Jeff As Frankenstein
(He Is Holding His Head So He Is Not So
"Hmmm...Which One Should I Choose?"
Choices, Choices...
Sawyer enjoyed choosing suckers from Ben's bowl.
"So You Put Those Candy Things In The
Peanut Bag?"
What Are You Laughing At?
Sawyer wasn't terribly thrilled with his
elephant head-dress.
Kate And Her Little Peanut
Sawyer was a bit cranky when we first got
there - so the pacifier helped ease the
"Mom, Is Our Bag Full Of Peanuts Yet?"
"I Wonder What Would Happen If I Pulled
This Over..."