Fort Worth Museum Of Science And History

With the heat being utterly relentless, it's made it difficult to do
much playing outside - even the pool isn't the greatest idea with the
sun being so powerful.  So we took the opportunity to drive over to
the children's museum in Fort Worth - where it was
WONDERFULLY cool inside and there was lots to do.

Sawyer could not only identify many of the dinosaur's in that
exhibit's walls, but he knew the T-Rex out front - and was a bit leary
of it.

However, his favorite had to be the hula hoops (he tried every last
one they had - all sizes, the "grocery store" in the little kids' section
and some marching penguins - see below. It was a fantastic day!
Daily Life
August 7, 2011
Museum Of Science And History
Hula Hooping - Featuring video!
Shopping For Groceries - Featuring video!
Paper Airplane Fun - Featuring video!
Sawyer Wasn't That Impressed With Just Bones
Sawyer Places A Paper Cup In The Air Shaft
To Watch It Fly
Sawyer Checks His Groceries Out At The Cash Register
Of The Kids' Grocery Store
Inside The Dragon's Mouth
These Marching Penguins Were Great Fun
Brent And Sawyer Make A Paper Airplane
"Ready, Set, Go!"
Driving The Ambulance
Sawyer And Kate Play Trains
Sawyer Slides Down The Stegosaurus Slide
Inside The Gift Shop
Sawyer Had To Try Every Size Hula Hoop - All Six
He never quite got the hang of it but had a great time.
Going For A Hula Hoop Record
"Watch, Mommy Watch!"
Sawyer Admired This Construction, But
Later Knocked It Over
Sawyer On This Spinning Platform
Sawyer Losing His Balance As He Did Too
Much Spinning
When asked if he had fun (he'd waited very
patiently for almost 10 minutes for his turn,
Sawyer feebly shook his head and
whispered, "No."
Sawyer And Dad Wait In Line To Fire Their
Airplane From The Launcher
Kate And Sawyer Find Dinosaurs That They
Recognize From Sawyer's Books
Sawyer And Brent In Front Of The T-Rex