Put Those Eggs In The Basket And Let's Go!

This year again we had Easter Egg Hunts at both Grandma
and Granddad's as well as Pie and Papa's. For the first time
Sawyer finally figured out how the racket worked - get the eggs
now, figure out what's in them later so you can move on to the
next egg.  That said, his cousins still gave him a little bit of help
in the process.  It was a great time.

This year we didn't get to go skating, but we did go skiing with
the Verrengias and had a grand old time with the Petrie
cousins at Uncle Russell and Auntie Grace's home as well as
cheered Aidan and his team on in a hockey tournament.
The Sheffields - Featuring video!
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April 2013
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