Nine Days In One Place Other Than Home!  So Much To Do!

We went back to Southern California to enjoy some beautiful
weather and great company - family!

Sawyer had such a great time being the center of attention and
finally got to meet his new baby cousin Nicolette.
Irvine Spectrum With Sheffields and Verrengias
Visiting Parks - Featuring video!
Anaheim Gardenwalk
Laguna Beach - Featuring video!
Easter Day
Fun At The Petrie's - Featuring video!
Sorting Through Loot
April 2010
Easter In Southern California 2010
Sawyer Surgeries

While we were surrounded by family who are doctors, we
decided to take time to get two surgeries done that Sawyer
needed - 1) remove a cyst over his eye and 2) get tubes in his
Sawyer Surgeries - Featuring video!