A Beautiful Day And Lots of "Animals"

We had a wonderful "Indian Summer" day and took the
opportunity to drive approximately 2 hours to Dinosaur World, an
"amusement park" of sorts with a trail that has more than 100
dinosaurs made of something like papier mache.

We were impressed by the number that Sawyer knew - watching
Dino Dan and the Dinosaur Train has really made him a
veritable aficionado of the dinosaur world.

The best parts were the patch - Sawyer must have run twice its
distance - he would run far ahead and then back to us and then
far ahead again, and then sifting for fossils.  We brought home a
few rocks - nothing that looked like a true fossil, but we certainly
didn't mind!
Daily Life
February 26, 2012
Dinosaur World
"We Are Outnumbered Sawyer!"
Sawyer Knew Almost Every Dinosaur On Site
One Of The Hundreds Of Dinosaurs On Display
"Watch Out Sawyer!"
Dinosaur Crossing
Rid'em Cowboy!
First In Line For The Fossil Dig
Sawyer Looks From Inside The Dinosaurs'
Taking A Picture With Dad
Checking Out The Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs
Sawyer Keeps An Eye On The Gator In The
Water And The Brachiasaurus!
Sifting Through The Sand For Fossils
Mom And Sawyer Claim Their Territory In The Fossil Dig
Sawyer Stayed On The Path The Whole Time
Sawyer Forgot About The No Touching Rule
Mom Checks On Sawyer And Dad
"We Are Ok Mom."
The Entrance
Finding Dino Fossils - Featuring video!
Sawyer Finds The T-Rex - Featuring video!