Discovering Denver

We ventured to Denver and Boulder Colorado for Kate's friend's
40th birthday but we managed to get out and about (despite so
pretty dreary and rainy weather) and of course catch a few of
the neat things that this great part of the country has to offer.

Brent, again, went online and got our route planned out so we
saw everything from the giant blue bear that looks in the
window of the convention center in the middle of downtown to a
wonderful statue of a sleeping Mexican cowboy, in a random
little park that was more than a little difficult to get to.

Best of all, it was great to spend some quality time not just with
each other but with some great friends as well.  We missed
our little man, but were getting constant text-updates from the
wonderful girl who stayed with him - a former teacher from

Despite the weather, it was great get away.
Six Flags And Invesco Field In The Background
Temperatures were around 50 degrees and it rained
almost he whole time, but we found a quick break in the
weather to get out and explore outside.
Capitol Building Of Colorado
Sleeping Giant In A Sombrero
Bear Creek Park, also known as “Sombrero
Hat Park” to locals, is well known for the
Sombrero slide that has been a part of the
park for over 20 years.
Denver Art Museum
The Frederic C. Hamilton building is an addition to the
original building. The new building opened on October 7,
2006, and is clad in titanium and glass.
Kate At The Big Sweep
The 35-ft. tall metal sculpture, entitled "Big
Sweep," is the work of Cossje van Bruggen
and Claes Oldenburg.
Brent Climbs The Scottish Angus
"Scottish Angus Cow and Calf" bronze sculpture outside of
the Denver Art Museum by Dan Ostermiller.
Kate And Her Bear
"I See What You Mean" sculpture by
Lawrence Argent outside the Colorado
Convention Center.
Art Museum
Denver Art Museum with the red sculpture "Lau Tzu" by
Mark di Suvero.
June 12-14, 2010
Colorado For Friend's 40th Birthday
Giant Chair With A Horse
This sculpture sits outside the Denver public
library - "The Yearling" by Donald Lipski.
Brent Slides Down The Sombrero Hat - Ole!
Casa Bonita
Stephanie's Birthday Bash
Face First
"Pilgrimage" by Zhang Huan.
Kate Checks Out The Dancing Aliens
"Dancers" sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky is made of
fiberglass and steel. It's outside the Denver Performing
Arts Complex.
Little Man Ice Cream Shop Near Downtown
Civic Center From The Colorado State Capitol
Kate At Sombrero Hat Park
In keeping with the western theme, written on a ledge near
the giant is this story:“On the plains of Colorado roamed a
giant cowboy… He traveled across the land, herding cattle
from town to town…Upon seeing Bear Creek, the giant
rested along the water’s edge and called it home.”
Bridge Over The South Platte River To Downtown Denver