We Had A Full Schedule For Four Short Days

We enjoyed spending time with all of our family this trip. During
our visit, our Sonora High School class of 1988 reunion
committee met to organize plans for our 20th reunion in July.
We also had time to celebrate Margie's 40th birthday and enjoy
Christmas traditions with the Sheffield's and the Petrie's.
Margie's 40th Birthday
The Petrie Party
Christmas Eve At The Sheffield's
Exchanging Gifts At The Petrie's
Sonora Class Of 1988 Reunion Committee
We gathered in Fullerton to organize our plans for our 20th
high school reunion. From left to right (using maiden
names): Sheryl Goodrich, Tara Davis, Brent Sheffield,
Katie Petrie, Tami Wallace, Kevin Matney, Mike Lawrence,
and Daryn Martin.
December 2007
Christmas In California 2007