The Windy City

This year we decided to ring in the New Year in Chicago
because Kate had been there for business in December of
2005 and had admired how the city was all dressed up for the

In our usual spirit we managed to walk all over the city and hit a
lot of the high lights even though our trip was cut short due to
bad weather out of Dallas which cancelled our flight and
delayed us by more than 24 hours.

Kate still maintains it's one of the most fun towns in all of the
U.S. and this trip did nothing to dispel that theory.
Michigan Avenue And Downtown
Art Institute Of Chicago
Blue Man Group and New Year's Eve
The Sears Tower
Millennium Park and Navy Pier
Picture Postcard Trip
We enjoyed cool weather and maneuvered around some
pretty healthy crowds to do and see a lot while we were in
the windy city.
December 2006 - January 2007
Chicago for New Year's Eve