February For More Fun

We decided to head back to Southern California for both cousin
Graham and cousin Nicolette's birthdays.  We had great
weather and a great time.

Sawyer got to have a sleep over with his Petrie cousins - that
was amazing and lots of fun!  Breakfast in his jammies with
Gracie and Graham was a real treat.

Then, he got to go to the park with his little cousin, Nicolette.  
Both Sawyer and Nicolette love the swings and just generally
exploring the place.

Unfortunately, the plane ride there was a bit rough - we've
decided he gets motion sick - so we have to be careful. But we
all survived - one of those stories we'll have around for a while!
Nicolette's 1st Birthday Party
Playing With Verrengia Cousins
Brent And Sawyer Enjoy Papa's Train And City
This city takes a long time to set up at Christmas, so it was
still up when we came back to visit in February.
Sawyer Loves His Papa's Train Set -
Particularly The Trucks!
Playing With The iPod Touch While Waiting In The Airport
Always Cool Toys
Pie and Papa always have some great toys -
this train has been loved by all the grandkids.
Sawyer On The Big Boy Swing
He can't "pump" just yet, but he certain does love the fact
that he's now in the big swing!
February 2011
California for Birthdays
Nicolette Loving The Swing
Sawyer And His Big Cousin Aidan
Sawyer Watches The "Airport Trucks"
Bring Luggage To Our Plane
Aunt Grace And Nicolette At The Park With
Us Near Their Home
An Awesome Sunset View From Kate's Parent's House