A Baby Shower During a Hurricane?

The owners of the company Kate works for threw us a
shower in our honor - we were lucky to have most
everyone from Ser there and even had Brent's volleyball
team and some friends from the old neighborhood as well
as a former colleague of Kate's. We were lucky because
the worst of Hurricane Ike hit east of us - phew!
September 13, 2008
Getting Ready for Baby "SERgio"
Opening Gifts
Kate Visits With The Shower Hosts - Mike and Shana
Mike and Jackson chuckle with Bruce and Donita as the
cake is cut.
Kate Wearing Her Baby Sock Corsage
Admiring The Elephant Cake
Brent and Kate with Carly Maczuga, Kate's former
colleague - it was great to have her there!
Shana and her beloved pooch Desi, pose
for a "family photo."
The men on Brent's volleyball team could hardly believe
they were invited to a baby shower!  But they managed
to survive and make it lots of fun!
They went with an elephant theme and the
Kate was adorable with elephants and
"Welcome Klenky."  It was wonderful - AND
Brent's favorite toys as a little boy were
and elephant and a giraffe so Shana was
sure to have both for the little guy!