Great friends come to celebrate our pending package!

Kate's girl friends with whom she goes skiing every year
flew in to both celebrate Kleintjie's pending arrival and
offer some "Mommy-advice." We had a great time showing
them around the DFW area and were excited to be able to
hang out and just have some "girlie time.".
September 20-21, 2008
Girls' Weekend Shower
Stephanie Pierce helps Kate open prezzies at Nieman
Marcus's very chi chi restaurant!
Kate. Stephanie Pierce, Anne-Marie Leonard and Cathy
Crane enjoy the Ft. Worth water gardens.
The two "mommies" - Anne-Marie Leonard and Cathy
Crane offer sage advice from those who know the trials
and tribulations of motherhood!
Kate shows off an outfit that was sent from
"missing girlfriend" Laura Romeu - all the
way from Paris!