Cadillac Ranch

On the west side of town just before you hit the transition into
the city part of Amarillo is a ranch were ten vintage Cadillacs
are buried with their tail fins in the air by Stanly Marsh III. It is
probably Amarillo's most popular attraction followed closely by
the Big Texan Restaurant.

It seems everyone visiting Cadillac Ranch these days brings
several cans of spray paint with them so they can graffiti the
cars with their personal messages. When we arrived, we could
smell the odor of fresh spray paint. We later found about ten
cans of empty spray paint by one of the cars.

A random site - just up our alley.
Big Texan Restaurant "Home of the 72 oz. Free Steak"
Palo Duro Canyon and the Show "Texas"
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Canyon, Texas
Lubbock, Texas - Texas Tech
Picture Postcard Trip
We enjoyed perfect weather which was nice since it had
been raining for several weeks in a row back home.
Of Course, Brent Had To Climb On It
All Lined Up
The Cadillacs have seen better days, but it is neat to get
up close to this famous Texas site.
Tires Look Good
Kate inspects what is left of the tires.
Set Off From The Road
The ranch is just off I-40. Even the gated fence to the
Cadillacs has graffiti on it.
Kate Notices All The Empty Spray Paint Cans
July 2007
Amarillo and Palo Duro Canyon for the 4th of July